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We Help Operations Managers to Conceive and Actualize Their Industrial Visions Based on the Lean Manufacturing Culture

80% of lean production projects fail and the managers involved do not really know why.

Over the past 12 years, we have been able to determine the fundamental reasons for which companies fail in introducing the Lean mentality.

10 killersWe have prepared an informative report especially for production managers where a 2-hour presentation will help you to understand or to avoid those errors which can cost you and the company the most.

The report explains in detail:

  • The 10 KILLERS of any Lean transformation project
  • The 4 ERRORS of implementation that managers make and which prevent a change in mentality.
  • The PROCESS IN 12 STEPS, which guarantees achieving the change in mentality and the Lean transformation.
  • The 3 METHODS for accelerating the implementation of the Lean mentality by 50%.

This report was created with the goal of becoming known throughout the area and it is for this reason that the presentation is FREE and without any obligation on your part.

Due to a very tight schedule, availability is extremely limited.

We GUARANTEE there is absolutely no sales attempt. (You will ask for more from us if you wish)

NOT TAKING ADVANTAGE of this information means forfeiting on more opportunities for success for your company and for your career.


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The Kaizen Coach Team is a group of world-class professionals with 15+ years of experience in helping managers to achieve double-digit improvements and cost reductions in the supply chain.

The team missions take place at the "Gemba" of companies operating in the most varied product sectors.

Some methodologies in which team members are experts: Six Sigma, Just In Time, TPM, 5S, SMED,OEE improvements,Kanban adoption, Value Stream Mapping, Hoshin Kanri, Supply Chain organization, World Class Manufacturing, Total Quality Control, Autonomous Maintenance, Planned Maintenance.


Below are listed some of the companies with which the team members have collaborated and are still collaborating.

aziende kaizen coach team