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The Identity Compass® System

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  • What is it about?
    • How often do you want a change in your job?
    • What are your personal values? What is their dynamic?
    • How do you perceive and process information?
    • What are the factors motivating you?
    • Is there an indication for burnout?
    • How are you perceived by others?
    • What is the working climate?
  • What is unique on the Identity Compass?Instead of measuring 3-4 factors and ascribe to each of them a certain number of attributes, the Identity Compass® measures such attributes directly and achieves thereby a precision unknown before. Identity Compass® profiles are much easier to be interpreted, as one simply concentrates on a single attribute.The Identity Compass® delivers a unique specific and precise panorama of personality. Even though people recognize themselves at ca. 90 - 100% in their profiles. This is to be evaluated the more highly, since no nebulous statements are met here, but separate completely concrete statements about thinking and acting in the vocational everyday life.
  • Working ClimateUnique is also the Identity Compass® capability to measure the working climate and motivating and de-motivating factors at the workplace. The JobMotivation Edtion, developed by Dr. David Scheffer, is based on the latest motivation theories of Norbert Bischof, David McClelland, Friederich Herzberg, John Holland and Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. Due to the JobMotivation Edition it was possible to prove scientifically the correlation between job satisfaction and job achievement the very first time.


The Identity Compass®

The Identity Compass® is an innovative personnel selection tool which uses an inventory of "thinking structures". It registers how people think and make decisions in typical work situations. It points out what motivates employees, what their values are and what their career goals are. The Identity Compass® gives clear guidance on which employees are likely to perform best in which situations and how improvement can best be achieved.

The Identity Compass® will help you understand how candidates will perform under stress, work in a team, or how best to motivate them to succeed on the job. It is actually possible to accurately estimate how long an employee is likely to stay on a particular job.

The Identity Compass® registers thinking styles, personal motivations, factors and their realization, the method of information recording and processing as well as personal assets (skill sets). From that, a multi-layered, precise, personal profile results. When there has been made a desirable profile before, the results can be evaluated in comparison to this one. Also a comparison of the profiles of a whole team can be made. All results will be presented and visualized clearly. The identity compass can be used to create an "All Star Team" of employees that are highly likely to work well together.

Various internationally active combines, for some time, already use the principles of the Identity Compass® for their requirement profiles and job descriptions. It has pointed out that vacancies can be filled faster and with more suitable employees than with other, more common ways. The demands in content of a vacancy are subject to a continuous change in today’s times. The demands in structures last longer and can be represented by preferences of thinking and acting. The Identity Compass® now offers the possibility to register these preferences of thinking and acting for single employees or teams.

The Identity Compass® is scientifically guided Dr David Scheffer. Dr Scheffer is specialized in research on motives.

Reduce Cost

Why Using A Profiling System?

Nowadays, forced by globalization and the enormous pressure to reduce costs, new instruments are being searched to reduce personnel costs. After setting free personnel in order to do so there is now even a lack of personnel in some areas. Thus, the quality of the employees is a more and more growing criterion for success.

With this background, the utilization of personality profiles for suitability diagnoses gains importance. The investments to find suitable and qualified employees are to be kept low and effective right from the start. To avoid wasting money, there is the need of a precise analysis with valid results for the applicant and the job gap to be filled. The Identity Compass®finds this optimal relation.

Reducing Cost

The Identity Compass® supports the necessary fixing of job specific requirements. The test of the applicant is performed directly at the computer. Personnel managers can concentrate their time on the final selection of particularly interesting and most suitable applicants that way. The software helps to have lower expenses with the test based aptitude diagnosis while increasing the quality of the analysis and its objectivity. With that, a requirement-orientated test method for job placement is also within the means of medium sized companies.


  • as Entrepreneur

    • Discovering your own company’s culture
    • Preparing and carrying out mergers
    • Preparing entries into new markets
    • Higher motivation
    • Decreasing fluctuation rates
    • Reducing time debits
  • as Executive

    • Improving one’s own leadership qualities
    • Individually leading employees
    • Individually motivating employees
    • Professional change-management
    • Designing optimal teams
  • in HR Recruiting

    • Reducing costs when selecting applicants
    • Reacting quickly to interesting applicants
    • Designing appropriate job descriptions
    • Designing optimal job advertisements in ways that only suitable applicants will react
    • Selecting applicants you really need instead of those who are most impressive
    • Improving recruitment security
  • in Personnel Development

    • Determining the exact need for training
    • Aimed training
    • Checking the training’s success
    • 360° feedback
  • as Team

    • Diagnosing problems in teams
    • Showing potential solutions
    • Optimizing teamwork
    • Increasing job contentment
  • as Individual

    • Recognizing one’s own preferences, habits and motivational factors
    • Optimizing one’s own communication strategies
    • Analysis of one’s own potential
    • Development towards Personal Mastery
    • Preparations for appliances
  • as Consultant

    • Increasing one’s own competence
    • Broadening your consultancy
    • Accelerating coaching processes
    • Aimed problem analysis
    • Realizing effective solutions
  • in Sales

  • in Training

  • in Advertisement

This list of useful applications shall only give you a small glimpse on the possibilities offered by the Identity Compass®. You may see other uses in your fieldwork instantly.

Valid Results


  • The inner consistency (Cronbach's Alpha) is between .70 and .95 and is .80 in average. Therefore the Identity Compass® fulfils restricted scientific criteria.


  • The Identity Compass® is validated in contrast to NeoFFI (Big5), CPI, OMT, CFT and by Peer-Rating (BARS - Behaviour Anchored Rating Scales).

Tendency For Reliability:

  • The Software shows a tendency how reliable are the answers given during the test.

Check The Results In A Casual Conversation:

  • A set of additional questions gives you the ability to check the results in a casual conversation.


  • At this very moment, the Identity Compass® is available in German, Danish, French, Spanish, Italian and English. More languages are to come.
  • Results are readable in every available language, independently from the language of the questionnaire.
  • Results are anonymous, encoded and encrypted.
  • Scoring of the results is provided within seconds via the internet.
  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


Arne Maus* About The Genesis of The Identity Compass®

In the year 1995, I was asked to give training about structures of thinking, called “meta programs” in NLP, the first time. My claim as a trainer was to only give a talk about what I have understood before. Now there were some questions about these structures of thinking I could not answer. All trainers I asked as acknowledged experts unanimously said to me: “Arne, what you ask is nonsense. Those are simply the wrong questions in that context. Therefore there can be no answers.” After having heard that from a half dozen of trainers I slowly began to believe them. God thanks not actually. Because when having met Robert Dilts, the leading head in NLP worldwide, I courageously asked him the same questions and surprisingly became a different statement: “Interesting questions, Arne. I have no answers too, but I believe there ought to be some.”

This was the beginning of a fruitful co-operation between Robert and me. He provided me extensive research material that partly has not been published up to now (March 2002). After that I developed a first version and made first tests. At the same time I made another important contact: the one to Bert Feustel. He, too, provided me with extensive material.

Then there was the time of telephone calls between Hamburg (me) and Munich (Bert). In discussions about single words lasting for hours the Identity Compass® little by little took shape. Parallel to that the programming started in October 1998. Relieved I was told by the programmers that all what I wanted to have programmed was very simple and that it would be finished within 14 days. Well, I think I was a little bit too credulous in that case (or did I simply misunderstood or did the programmers mixed up something???). Because only in June 2000, that means after almost two years, there existed a really functioning version. And we still kept working on it to enhance it. In March 2002 after a development time of more than six years and three and a half years programming it is the product, I always had in mind. Three programmers gave their best and it is an absolutely convincing product now.

In the end of 1999 I presented that software to Robert Dilts in a beta version. He was very astonished about what I could show him there because we had not seen each other for a year. He was as enthusiastic as all the others who had seen the software and the questions.

Due to the scientific evaluation the Identity Compass® was enhanced too, so that it is in compliance with strict scientific rules. For me, it was a very nice credit after four years of development and all the work the project is made of, that all are enthusiastic about it. Also the trainers who said to me in 1995 that my questions were nonsense meanwhile are convicted the other way round. They, too, now believe that there must be correlations between single structures of thinking and that they can likely be derived from each other even when they know as little about it as me. But I am thoroughly convinced that the Identity Compass® will deliver us the answers to those questions. Some hints it already gave to me.

Hamburg, March 11, 2002

*Arne Maus is founder of the Identity Compass International GmbH

System Requirements

  • For the software version

    • Operating System:
      Windows 2000 or higher, or compatible
      Apple Mac with Virtual PC
    • 35 MB free disk space
    • 25 MB free RAM
    • 1.44 MB free space on your hard disc or on floppy disc for the questionnaire
    • access to the internet for the evaluation
  • For the on-line version:

    • On server side:Linux, FreeBSD, UNIX or Windows 2000/XP
    • On client side:JAVAscript compatible browser
      (Tested with: Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 5 and Opera 6)

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