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We Help Operations Managers to Conceive and Actualize Their Industrial Visions Based on the Lean Manufacturing Culture

Training for Increasing Productivity in the machinery industry.

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Would you like to obtain 10% more product from your production lines?

The Just in Time method makes it possible to obtain more efficient and more organized product lines in which everyone works with pleasure.

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The businesses with the highest efficiency are those with the most organized work flow.

Just in Time is a method of reference of Lean Manufacturing. This methodology based on the elimination of wastefulness and the involvement of collaborators according to the Kaizen principles, makes it possible to have highly productive production lines and with minimum effort in maintaining the results.

The method for Productivity Increase explained in this manual will allow you to:

  • Obtain at least a 10% productivity increase rapidly.
  • Increase the efficiency of the single workers.
  • Establish the Kaizen rules for the continuous improvement of performance.
  • Have proactive collaboration from the workers.


Kaizen Workshops, Productivity Blitz +10%
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Shipping cost €4.50

Being a member of the Kaizen Coach Club means being a part of a community of people who are dedicated and passionate about achieving operational excellence in business.

The exclusive advantages of the KCC:

  • Exclusive and free access to the Lean Manufacturing library
  • Exclusive reports on visits to companies which exercise Lean
  • Exclusive monthly newsletter from the Kaizen Coach website (e-books, e-learning, etc.)
  • Automatic notification of all the new KC blog posts
  • Printed magazine of the Kaizen Coach Club
  • Discounts on all products and services from the Kaizen Coach website (e-books, e-learning, etc.)
  • Free Telephone Consultation, with our consultants, for problems related to production
  • 10% Discount on the Kaizen Coach consultation

order now
Shipping cost €4.50




Mario Mason is a
Kaizen Coach at an international level with more than 10 years of experience in helping managers obtain improvements in the double digits in the reduction of the costs of the Supply Chain.

His activity as Lean Production Coach is carried out at the Gemba of companies operating in the most varied industrial sectors.

Some of the methodologies in which he is an expert: Six Sigma, Just In Time, TPM, 5S, SMED, OEE Improvement, Kanban Introduction, Value Stream Mapping, Hoshin Kanri, Supply Chain Planning, World Class Manufacturing, standards of Quality Control, Autonomous Maintenance, Planned Maintenance.

Mario Mason is a certified Coach of the international school of Meta-Coaching.

Other certifications:

•NLP Trainer
•Neuro-Semantics Trainer
•Leadership Trainer

Listed here below are some of the companies with which he collaborates and has collaborated








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