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We Help Operations Managers to Conceive and Actualize Their Industrial Visions Based on the Lean Manufacturing Culture

Lean Training - Structural Methods of Problem Solving

Relevance and effectiveness in identifying a problem and resolving it



  • Satisfy the client on the quality expected
  • Be trained in the main instruments of quality
  • Know how to use the good instrument in function of the problem
  • Train daily for quality in the Gemba
  • Dominate the variability of the processes
  • Know how to use efficient methods of problem solving
  • Teach the workshop leaders how to manage a team during a process of problem solving


Factory Managers, Industrialization Engineers, Managers and Quality Technicians, Production, Methods, Logistics, Maintenance, Administrative Services, Proximity Managers, Lean Manager

Date & Duration

Date :


2 Days

Locations & Fees

Locations :


Fee :

€1045 excluding VAT (Breaks, lunches and informative documentation included)


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Detailed training program

Day 1

  • History of Quality
  • The gurus of Quality
  • Zero-defect
  • The 7 healing instruments
  • The 7 new preventive instruments
  • Application instruments for every instrument

Day 2

  • Define the process of problem solving on the Gemba :
  • The 5 Whys
  • It is / It is not
  • Brainstorming
  • The Ishikawa (6M) diagram
  • The 8 Disciplines (8D)
  • Toyota Best Practices (TBP)
  • A3 Training
  • Axium Performance return on experience: examples of implementation
  • Individual projects and exchanges
  • Assimilation Quiz
  • Issuance of certificates
  • Session closure

Also available:

Sessions held in foreign language only in intra.

Reviews by some of our participants

François B, HSE Director and Lean Manager at Guerbet Lanester.
« This training is truly an extra, I will send all the lean coaches of my location. »

Benoit B, Continuous Improvement Director at chez Marie.
« Complete teaching instruments, as always… Very didactic with great interaction. This training more than corresponded with my expectations. »

Sylvie B, Studies Director at Essilor.
« It was what I was expecting! A concrete factory example. Five Ws, PDCA (above all the A, a revelation…). Training to put into practice without hesitation, simple intruments, a real method! »

Mr D D, Product Calculation Engineer, Essilor.
« A method for taking on complex problems. »

Mr P RIZZO, In charge of Studies, Essilor.
« Dynamic, enjoyable and educational. Knowledge of the instruments on which to depend on to identify the solution which at times may be unclear at the start: a structured and in-depth method. »

Kevin N, Stock Director, HEPPNER.
«A more structured method to use in the company. »

Christophe V, Studies Technician, ESSILOR.
« Concrete instruments, methods. »