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Lean Training - TWI (Training Within Industry) Training for Trainers

Learn to efficiently train your people through a certified TWI consultant



  • Learn how to efficiently train your people through the support of a certified Training Within Industry (TWI) consultant
  • Understand the pillars of an efficient training
  • Understand, how to carry out the training
  • Support the training organizations of workforce, supervisors, and team leaders
  • Get the know-how about ensuring trainings quality & continuity


Workforce, Supervisors, Team Leaders

Date & Duration

Date :

05-06 Novembre 2015

Duration :

2 days

Locations & Fees



Fee :

€1045 excluding VAT (Breaks, lunches and informational documentation included)



Detailed training program

Day 1

  • The 5 necessary conditions for the organization / The 5 qualities of a good leader(or anyone who ensures an organization function)
  • Necessity for practice
  • Incomplete training method / Ineffectiveness of incomplete training
  • Correct training method / How to train correctly
  • The 4 phases of effective training
  • Implementation by the participants
  • Exercise carried out during manual assembly
  • The Steps and Key Points
  • Breakdown of the work

Day 2

  • Establish the planning for training
  • Implementation and self-criticism
  • Circumstances of specific training (lengthy, difficult work and noisy environment)
  • Implementation of the breakdown of the work
  • Conclusion and personal action plan
  • Assimilation Quiz
  • Session closure