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Brainstorming (or racking one’s brains)

  • Instrument used to easily produce a great number of ideas, on a given topic, in pleasant circumstances.
  • The conditions of success:
  • State everything: variety, diversity
  • Say as much as possible: quantity
  • Take on the ideas of others: analogies, variants, oppositions
  • Do not comment, nor criticize, nor censure the ideas provided: do not force those offering an idea to defend it.

The 3 steps of a Brainstorming: 1 – Preparation– The trained trainer explains the rules to the participants 2 – Production - Editing the ideas on paperboard or post-its 3 – Use - Reformulation, elimination, classification and selection of ideas - Preparing a PDCA action plan

This method is used in the training course: Structural Methods of Problem Solving.