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We Help Operations Managers to Conceive and Actualize Their Industrial Visions Based on the Lean Manufacturing Culture


Developed by Ford Motor Company, it is a problem solving method structured in 8 steps. It permit to quickly react at an anomaly/problem and bring solutions that last.

  • D1 Define a team that focus on the problem/anomaly
  • D2 Describe the anomaly
  • D3 Define and put immediately in place the actions that will counter the anomaly
  • D4 Define the causes
  • D5 Determine the actions that will address the problem permanently
  • D6 Deploy the acion plan
  • D7 Document your new procedure to prevent the repetion of the problem
  • D8 Document the results and congratulate all the work group

At the end of the 90's, another step was addeded and now it is called Global 8D (G8D)