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Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing is an organization model which first appeared in Japan after the 60s. Large part of the body of work of the methods which are part of Lean Manufacturing was developed by the Toyota Motor Company thanks to the work of its historical vice president Taichi Ohno.

During the early phase of development, Lean Manufacturing availed itself of the studies of Dr. Edward Deming (USA) on quality and organization; these studies were diffused in Japan during the reconstruction of the country following World War II.

Within Lean Manufacturing there are 2 distinct methodological approaches: Just in Time and Total Productive Maintenance.

These 2 models refer respectively to the 2 fundamental contexts of the production of value; the context where it is man with his own hands to produce the value refers to the Just in Time method, while the context where the structures produce the value refers to the TPM method.   

The two methods can naturally be integrated with each other when there are contexts of production of value where both man and structures are entailed. 

The JIT and TPM methods are assisted by a series of principles and concepts which constitute the basis of the attitudinal approach which Lean Manufacturing requires.