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We Help Operations Managers to Conceive and Actualize Their Industrial Visions Based on the Lean Manufacturing Culture



Collaborators have got lost within the process, they moan about the operations to be carried out and are against the way the Lean Manufacturing implementation project is being run.
It may be that you no longer feel in harmony with the project and do not know how to proceed.
The supervisor will certainly be bringing you down with his words, tone of voice and his gestures...
And that’s not all..... The office staff no longer waits for you and they’ll stab you in the back as if it were nothing! You could’ve, you should’ve but you didn’t....!
Perhaps everything started due to poor coordination of operations in the field, the absence of results and the difficulty of overcoming old company paradigms. Your performance as Lean Manager is fatiguing because:

  • You do not have enough experience in running change.
  • Your knowledge of Lean methodologies is still limited.
  • Your ability to modify paradigms with collaborators has been insufficient.
  • Your training was not up to scratch.
  • Your motivation has been undermined by a multitude of tasks to be done.

You are no longer sure of finding the right direction for completing the project.
You are destabilised and in need of help.
A different kind of help to repair visible and invisible damage.
A help that will make you more efficient in the field and elsewhere.

Do you know that the biggest companies call in a Lean Coach to back up the realization of a Lean type project?
Big companies cannot afford failure in achieving objectives.
The challenges translate into millions of euros and the consequences of failure would have repercussions throughout the company.

With a Lean Coach at your side you can:

  • Empower the people involved in the field.
  • Help in the acquisition of necessary knowhow.
  • Listen to the needs of management and of your collaborators.
  • Manage sites in the field, helping to fill in any gaps.
  • Grasp the techniques for destroying the paradigms of the most obdurate collaborators.
  • Maintain your motivation and concentration with regard to the project.


All the foremost experts in Lean agree on the need to apply very high performance standards and to empower with the view towards bringing about these standards.

In this case a Lean Coach helps the local Lean Manager to analyse and reflect on his performance, taking into consideration his sites and performance indicators with view towards supplying feedback that will lead to achievement of a higher performance level.

Being checked and challenged

The more a lean manager achieves success, the greater the probabilities that those around him will always say “yes”, thus obscuring certain aspects fundamental to his progress.
A lean coach external to the company may be objective in his judgement and force the lean manager to pose himself important questions in order to proceed towards the objective.


Many lean managers have nobody to bounce their ideas off of or to present problems in relation to the role they play, and they have no occasion to express their personal views.
It is extremely important to have a Lean Coach who is always willing to listen.

Being appreciated for results

Everyone needs to be appreciated and celebrated.
In the course of his work a lean manager may achieve results great or small, and after a tough job it is important to be appreciated for both small and large successes.
It is of vital importance to have an expert lean coach capable of following the Lean Manager’s progress and celebrating his successes.

Being accepted

Becoming an experienced lean manager means acting outside of normality.
Lean managers think and talk differently from the people around them. This way of being allows them to overcome the limitations of normality and may make a lean manager a misunderstood and solitary person.
The presence of a Lean Coach capable of accepting this way of being, which is different from that of the masses, is very important for the wellbeing of the person he is coaching.

Being motivated

In every company tackling a great project there are disappointments, tensions, crises, and all of this bears witness to the great challenge due to the work carried out and the performance achieved.
On the whole all motivations are self-motivations: whereas an external tutor can suggest ideas, techniques and an approach that may contribute to an increase in motivation.

What’s involved in the Coaching of a Lean Manager?

Coaching a Lean Manager means creating a work program with the company and the coach himself in order to achieve set company objectives.

The nature of the intervention may concern:

  • A specific problem/block.
  • Support during a Lean sites program.
  • Long term support with an approach related to company objectives.

In all 3 cases an interview will be necessary with the Lean Manager’s chief to evaluate his personal situation, his objectives and his problems.
If after this interview and analysis of the global situation the tutor accepts the proposals he:

  • will establish a work program.
  • will agree on work conditions with the lean manager and his collaborators.
  • will establish the conditions of mutual accessibility between tutor and lean manager for communications.

If you want an expert from the Kaizen Coach staff to analyse work possibilities together with your company, write to [email protected]