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We Help Operations Managers to Conceive and Actualize Their Industrial Visions Based on the Lean Manufacturing Culture

Guaranteed! 15% more productivity in 30 days

 without investments in new employees.


When you walk through yours offices you have the uncomfortable feeling that they are not working at the rhythm and the capacity you thought was possible.

You see your employees behind their monitors or at the phones but you don’t really grasp the flow of the work and you have the impressions of poor organization.

Yours supervisors are always involved in some last minute alarm activity instead of working on improving processes and they are telling you that they need more employees to get more work done.

Usually they are not able to explain the math behind the request of a new employee.

Very often they are blaming their workforce instead to correctly assist them.

You are very busy in meetings with sales, marketing and others part of the company and you believe you are not taking the right decisions about your offices production because you don’t have time to analyse properly the situation, so you cross fingers.

If this is your situation or near to what you are living I can tell you that this is because the processes in your offices were not built with Kaizen methods and consequentially they cannot be well managed.

Today you have a solution to all this mess.

Hire a Kaizen Coach; he will help yours managers to re-organize your offices and will teach them the Japanese methodology of Kaizen.

What is Kaizen?

Kaizen is an attitude by which we are continuously looking for ways to improve our processes.

This attitude is founded on a series of methodologies developed at first from U.S. business Experts in the 50s and developed to excellence in Japan by companies like Toyota.

What is a Coach?

A coach is a professional expert specialized in facilitating change.

She/he utilizes the best of the people mental resources to guide through a process of change.

Under his guidance your company will rapidly achieve the same degree of performance of company like Toyota, Porsche, etc. etc.

What you will get hiring a Kaizen Coach?

  • Offices lines producing 30% more than today.
  • Better quality out put.
  • Very clean and ordered lay-out that invite your employees to love their workplace.
  • Yours managers will understand the Kaizen methods and they will be able to use them again in autonomous way.
  • You will be able to create new services for yours internal and external clients  at a lower costs.
  • The back log will be reduced by 40%.
  • You can have an external source of advice that is neutral and will always tell you the truth about your company.
  • You will have peace of mind regarding your offices because you know , no matter how difficult could be to produce a new service, your staff will find the best solution.

Do you want to know what a Kaizen Coach thinks about

and can do for your company offices ?

You can discover it through a

 “First 4 hours Assessment on Site”


I will visit your company and we will meet at first on your office where you will explain your specific problems and desires about your offices.

In this 4 hours we will cover 7 steps getting:


  1. A one to one 45’ open heart confrontation on your actual problems and your short, medium and long term goals.

With you, Owner, General Manager or Operations manager I will start to unbundle all the situations that are causing the level of performance you are having.

I will dig in the company facts about employees, managers, skills, culture that occurred in the past, and are occurring in the present.

This session will be very private and will set the focus of my assessment.


  1. The list of the weak points of your offices workflow from a Kaizen Coach point of view.

I will do with you and/or with your managers a 1 hour check visit of your offices; during the visit I will search carefully for waists that your managers are not yet able to see.

What I will see are points that normally are visibles only to very experienced Kaizen consultants.

At the end of the walk we will have a precise lists of points to improve that can raise immediately the performance of the office if applied.


  1. The possible immediate solutions that can immediately  raise the productivity.

After the visit, I will analyse with your managers all the points that came out from the offices visit and I will discuss the possible solutions and the related details with your managers.

At the end of the analysis they will have a mini-plan to implement to start to get results.

  1. A 1-hour presentation/seminar to you and your managers about the Kaizen systems, principles and methods.

It’s necessary to have a grasp about the Kaizen and Lean Manufacturing methodology.

We will have a 1 hour seminar covering from the history of this methodologies until a complete panorama of how others company are applying the methodology and the results they are having.


  1. The list of the methodologies that you need to learn to improve.

In this “First 4 hours Assessment on Site” you will learn to see the waists that are causing your actual level of performance, but to really “learn to fish” you need to know which methodologies you need to learn.

In Kaizen and Lean we have a lot of tools and principles that we can use to solve any problem in any type of production line.

I will explain to you and to your managers the methodologies that you for yours specific type of field and company need to learn.


  1. The mental profile of a manager and of the supervisors.

To be a good manager or a supervisor is necessary to have a special mind-set.

Very often I found that company give managers roles to employees that have not the right mind-set.

I will show you the mental profile of a good “OFFICE manager” and a good supervisor.

Furthermore I will present you a tool called Identity Compass that your human resources dept. can use for:

  1. Select the right employee for the right job.
  2. Highlight the strengths of an employee.
  3. Highlight the weakness on which he/she has to work to evolve in his role.
  4. To monitor the behaviours progress during a coaching plan.
  5. Identify the good mix of employees to create the perfect team.
  1. A whole first strategy plan to turn around the performance of your production  


At the end of the visit I will explain you a very first raw sketch of a possible strategy for working on a turn around for your operations.

A final report with a detailed strategy to implement will be presented in 48 hours after the visit.

A business proposal will be prepared only if you will be really interested on my services and you will have the good gut feeling about working with me.

What the “4 Hours Kaizen Assessment” is NOT !


  • It’s not a simple prospect visit but it is a working visit aimed to give real value.
  • It’s not a theoretical visit plenty of ppt slides but it is a working on the field visit.
  • It’s not a gentle & kind visit that do not want to hurt but it is a visit about the truth of your operations.

Due to the big amount of work with our actual clients

we are doing a very limited number of 

“4 Hours Kaizen Assessment on Site”

 so if you think that this is very important for your company

hurry up and apply today to get your.

What is the cost of the “4 Hours Kaizen Assessment”?


It depends from the distance of your geographic location from the Kaizen Coach site.

  1. Modest fixed amount to cover travel expenses:

When the facility is very near to Kaizen Coach office.

  1. Only travel fees and expenses refunded.

When your facility is in the region where we already have some projects.

  1. Daily fee + expenses.

When the travel is outside Europe


  • If you will be not satisfied from this “4 Hours Kaizen Assessment on Site” you will exempted of paying the refund invoice about travel expenses.

If you want more information about

 the “4 Hours Kaizen Assessment”

or you want to schedule one

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