If you want things and people around you to change, first of all you must change. The solutions for achieving the objectives that you set come from the quality of the questions you ask yourselves.

If we want to obtain quality solutions to our problems, we must ask ourselves quality questions, this is the essential premise for finding quality solutions.

There is nothing around you (look around you if you like) that did not come from an idea.

A table, a chair, a pen, a production line, and so on.

The principles of Lean Manufacturing come from the experience of people who were having moments of crisis.

Many of them came as answers to a simple question:
How can I satisfy my client with the few resources I have available?

This simple question has led to developing an industrial philosophy that today is unequalled. That simple question, repeated many times for n cycles has produced:

  • The 3 Kaizen principles: The process leads to results, thinking globally, not judging and not blaming.
  • The cataloguing and defining of the 3 families of waste: Muda, Mura, Muri.
  • The concepts and the methods of Just in Time, of 5S, of autonomous maintenance, of takt time….. and many more.

This philosophy would have never been created without asking that question, continually.

What a system of ideas can produce is simply wonderful

Just think, by analyzing any type of problem you have in front of you, you can find solutions, simply applying the principles

Recently, I made available an old video where a Kaizen workshop can be seen.

What everyone produced on that workshop was the result of the application of the Kaizen principles.

In this video you can see how from one type of organizational situation one can arrive to another completely different situation, just with the strength of having applied the principles and with few investments.

You can see the video here below; for anyone who would like more information on the method used I have made a small PDF manual available, here: http://bit.ly/1Bbt9si

Mario Mason
Kaizen Coach