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We Help Operations Managers to Conceive and Actualize Their Industrial Visions Based on the Lean Manufacturing Culture

We Help Operations Managers to Conceive and Actualize Their Industrial Visions Based on the Lean Manufacturing Culture

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Mario Mason

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Mario Mason is an experienced Lean Change Agent with 10+ years of experience in bringing his clients to solid double-digit performance improvement.

Prior to the actual role of Lean Coach, Mario has been a manager director for 15 years in the apparel/clothing field for different companies in different parts of the world: Turkey (Istanbul), Morocco (Rabat), Egypt (Alexandria, Cairo, Port Said), Italy (Venice).

In this role, he usually managed companies with 500+ employees and he helped them to recover from “near bankrupt situations” to positive bottom line results.

Mario entered the consulting field in 2001 working for a global consulting firm leader in Kaizen and Lean Manufacturing methodology.

In 2006, he founded his own consulting company based in Paris from which he serves an international clients base.

Because of his experience in Lean consulting he masters a wide variety of lean techniques and tools: VSM, Hoshin Kanri, Process Design, Just in Time, TPM, Gemba Kanri (people management), Lean Logistic (Kanban, Inbound & Outbound), Kaizen Inventory Management, SMED, Problem solving techniques, Autonomous Maintenance etc.

Some current and past clients:

Roquette (France), Hermes – Saint Louis (France), Valsir (Italy), Fondital (Italy), Raffmetal (Italy), Dainese (Italy), Kraft (Italy), Aprilia (Italy), Global Garden Products (Italy), Finstral (Italy), Henkel (Saudi Arabia), Henkel (Egypt), Henkel (Italy) Electrolux, Sanitec Group, DeLonghi.

With his clients, Mario is accustomed to reporting to shareholders and site managers.

His daily activities vary from consulting about the company strategy to building the needed profiles for the creation of the teams to interview candidates and

run “kaizen workshops” at all company levels to teach and implement the necessary Lean Tools.

Mario Mason is born the 1st October 1964 in Padua, in the north of Italy.

Since 2002,he has been based in Paris (France), Mario speaks: French, English and Italian fluently, good Arabic and basic Turkish (because of his 4 years stay in Turkey)

Mario has been deeply involved in studying communication and coaching models since 2001.

This brought him to becoming a:

  • Certified trainer in NLP by Richard Bandler.
  • Certified Neuro-Semantics trainer by Dr L. Michael Hall.
  • Certified Coach from the International Coaching School of “Meta-Coaching”.
  • Trained in the special “Leadership Trainings” held by Tony Robbins in U.S.
  • Certified consultant in the utilization of the “Identity Compass” profiling tool.

Acting with the spirit of a pioneer, Mario combines the mastery of the Lean Manufacturing Methodology with the ultimate tools in terms of communication and coaching.

All during his career Mario has worked as executive and consultant in many projects located in north Africa and in the Middle East.

He has found particular satisfaction in working and getting results within cultures and with people with which usually western people find themselves at odds.

Mario holds a Masters degree in Textile Engineering (Technical University of Padova - Italy)


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