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We Help Operations Managers to Conceive and Actualize Their Industrial Visions Based on the Lean Manufacturing Culture

We Help Operations Managers to Conceive and Actualize Their Industrial Visions Based on the Lean Manufacturing Culture

Kaizen Meaning: the word is composed of two Japanese ideograms, the ideogram Kai and the ideogram Zen. These 2 ideograms are the foundation of the Kaizen philosophy.

The Kai ideogram

In the Japanese language this ideogram represents change.kaizen significato - Kai

If we think about it, we can say that change has always been the only constant in our life and has always been a constant in economic activities and in particular in the activities of the companies and managers who direct them.

But despite the fact that change has always been a constant in the economic world, in recent decades, following the tumultuous development of the global economy, we have seen an increasingly dizzying increase in the very speed of change.

The needs of consumers have evolved at such a speed that today we no longer have to speak of mass industry for the satisfaction of the needs of the masses but of mass industry for the satisfaction of all the needs of all market niches.

Today, every person is increasingly given the opportunity to choose and purchase products and services that perfectly match their social and cultural status in total alignment with their very particular individual needs.

This level of change, on the one end, creates continuous destruction of business models but on the other, constantly creates just as many incredible new opportunities to serve the people's needs.

Embracing the Kai ideogram inherent in the Kaizen meaning and not running away from it means to totally embrace change; this is the key to not being overwhelmed by the turbulence of market trends.

Anticipating and managing the upcoming change, adopting a kaizen attitude, means dominating the present moment in order to be able to carefully choose the most appropriate actions of improvements to perform now and that will allow us to dominate the future; this has always been, but today this is even more one of the main characteristics of winning entrepreneurs and managers.

The Zen ideogram

In the Japanese language, this ideogram represents good. Zen as it is known is a spiritual way for the realization of one's deep self according to which true good is obtained by exploiting one's personal talents and realizing one's true nature.Kaizen significato - Zen

According to the Zen discipline, the human mind, if left to wander, creates paradigms and consequent behaviors that are negative and hindering the realization of our true self.

In order to fulfill himself, man then undertakes his own personal struggle against his own mind to free it from its fears, weaknesses and confusions.

In Japanese pictorial representations relating to this struggle, a man is often depicted in the action of training a bull or a horse.

kaizen meaning

The animal represents the human mind that passes through the different states ranging from rebellion to the state of a tamed animal.

The combination of the 2 ideograms, the deep MEANING of KAIZEN

kaizen significato - 2 ideogrammi

The combination of the single meanings of the ideograms KAI and ZEN gives rise to the KAIZEN MEANING.

Remembering the meanings of the individual ideograms we can affirm that the meaning of the word Kaizen is that of "change towards good". Many also interpret the word kaizen as continuous improvement.

The Kaizen meaning therefore establishes the philosophical pillars with which we can take action serenely to actualize the continuous change necessary to lead us towards our personal fulfillment.

In the case of an entire company that wants to realize itself, to adopt the kaizen meaning is necessary to orient all the collaborators to embrace a joyful state of continuous change to achieve the good (Zen) for themselves and therefore implicitly for the company and its customers.

This consideration makes it clear that companies that want to live the Kaizen meaning must be guided and operated by open people that want to share the same Vision in a profound way and they must also have the constant desire to breathe the wind of change; the one that transform problems into opportunities for the sake of to do good (Zen) for oneself and for the company.

If any manager or collaborator is not aligned with the company's Vision and does not adopt or embrace change in a “Kaizen way” then this behavior corresponds to the one of a not tamed mind (as depicted in the zen japanese paintings) and this makes of it an obstacle that prevents the realization of the company's Vision.

How is the Kaizen meaning adopted?

In addition to what has already been said about the meanings of the ideograms that make up the word Kaizen, to make this meaning adhere and integrate into the company’s culture, is necessary to realize the assimilation and vivification of its 3 principles and 7 concepts.

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