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We Help Operations Managers to Conceive and Actualize Their Industrial Visions Based on the Lean Manufacturing Culture

LEAN UNIVERSITY® proposes complete certifying paths which make it possible to obtain recognized levels in the Lean sector.

NEW this year, we have designed an opportunity for validating your « Workshop Leader, Lean Coach or Lean Manager » paths through an Expertise certification.

This certification day based on exercises and a questionnaire will make it possible for you to better improve within your company or in your future.
These certifications are independent of your path, you can therefore choose to become certified or not.
You can choose to be certified at any moment, there are no time limits for the certification.
A particular accompaniment can be offered to you with the intent of strengthening your knowledge in view of the certification.

To learn more, do not hesitate to refer to the certification guide and the various specifications for the certifications:
Workshop Leader
Lean Coach
Lean Manager

The certification guide

Lean Belt Certification

Our most recent certification recipients whom we would like to congratulate:


Lean Yellow Belt


Lean Green Belt


Lean Black Belt


Crafts Certifications BANNER2-FORM


Workshop Leader

Workshop Leader Path

Lean Coach

Lean Coach Path

Lean Manager

Lean Manager Path