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We Help Operations Managers to Conceive and Actualize Their Industrial Visions Based on the Lean Manufacturing Culture

Lean Manufacturing is a combination of the proven methods which have the goal of increasing the concentration of value added in each work process.

At the basis of these methods is the fundamental distinction between: Value and Non-Value

For value we mean all the actions carried out by man or by a machine and which are needed to group together the elements of a product or of a service for which a client wants to pay.

A product or service we are proposing in order to continue the sales process to the achievement of its goal.

If we observe any production process of a product or service; we can always observe 3 types of operations:

  • Value operations
  • Non-value added operations
  • Non-value added operations but necessary

(but which are nonetheless necessary to the execution of the value added)
The non-value operations, both those which are not necessary and those which are necessary, constitute WASTE.


Starting from this perspective, the operational reality of a company will be looked at attempting to identify first of all the non-value operations and once identified, the goal will be to eliminate or reduce them; at the same time the attempt will be made to substitute them with more valuable activities.

When this type of process is applied, the result which follows is almost always astonishing in terms of performance improvement.

With these methods your company has the possibility of improving the performance of both your productive and administrative processes.

Lean Manufacturing was created on the conceptual bases of work organization expressed and carried out by Taylor and Ford in the United States and developed to their fullest power by the Toyota Motor Company.

The introduction of the classification of the Waste in its 3 families was of particular relevance:

  • Muda (waste made up of 7 types)
  • Muri (waste due to “too much effort” sustained by a system)
  • Mura (waste from too much variability in the processes)

Even though Lean Manufacturing was developed in the automotive field we must not make the mistake of thinking that it is valid only for this type of market.

Today Lean Manufacturing is applied to the majority of the the leading companies at a global level and operating in all product sectors.

Today an excellent organization of the productive processes cannot exlude Lean Manufacturing.

The KAIZEN COACH lean consultants have studied the “Performance+30%” program in order to improve in just 6 months, the efficiency and effectiveness of your production processes.

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