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I Look at Your Eyes… I Understand How to Speak to You

In the process of implementing Lean Manufacturing culture, it is essential to know how to communicate correctly what Lean Production is.

Knowing about the way of thinking of our collaborators makes the process of communication with our listener efficient and harmonious.

There are people who either as naturally or because of life experiences, have learned from an early age to easily adjust their language to that of others.

images-1They are the born sellers, the communicators, the great entrepreneurs, the natural leaders, etc.

Of course their personal story has given them an edge over others

If with time we have not become good communicators, it is always possible to become one.

In 1979, a scientific research study was made public demonstrating how eye movement in the communication phase was in direct relation with how the individual was processing the information in his mind.

The human being processes the information in his mind and memorizes it according to 4 distinct manners: Visual, Audio, Kinestesic e Digital.

Each individual has his own favorite representative system.

2012-09-29 06-51-04 313.288x287This discovery makes it possible to know, through the observation of eye movement, if the individual is elaborating: images, dialogue, emotions, or concepts.

This allows us to adjust our language to that of the speaker and obtain the maximum communicative impact.

For the Kaizen Coach Club members, I have made a file available which explains how to understand the significance of eye movement and how to use it in Lean Manufacturing promotional activity.

Those who are not members of the Kaizen Coach Club can obtain the file through this link: http://bit.ly/1bit13I


Mario Mason
Kaizen Coach

Mario Mason

Mario Mason is an experienced Lean Change Agent with 10+ years of experience in bringing his clients to solid double-digit performance improvement.

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