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We Help Operations Managers to Conceive and Actualize Their Industrial Visions Based on the Lean Manufacturing Culture

We Help Operations Managers to Conceive and Actualize Their Industrial Visions Based on the Lean Manufacturing Culture

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Your company can fail if your people do not change their psychology and do not respond in advance to the change imposed by the market.

If today your people behave like statues and are unable to change, help them.

coaching + Our coaching program guarantees that they will be transformed from immobile and frightened actors to leading characters for change. In 6 months.

Guaranteed results.

In 2007 Apple introduced the iPhone, years later, Nokia the absolute market leader up to 2007 was sold to Microsoft and its market share went down to a mediocre 5%.

What were their managers waiting for to take action?

Black Berry in 2007 was a leader in the smartphone sector, Blackberry today is looking for the best bidder to purchase the company but there is a problem, no one wants to buy it.

What were their managers waiting for to take action?

Kodak was the world leader in the photography industry for decades. Today Kodak has gone out of business.

What were their managers waiting for to react to change?

In 2009, the Fiat group took advantage of the economic crisis and purchased for a few bucks, ownership of Chrysler, the third largest USA automobile manufacturer which at that time had filed for bankruptcy.

What were the Chrysler managers waiting for to put the necessary strategy changes into action?


Your managers do not seem to understand that in this exact moment on the other side of the world (or perhaps very close to you), there is a group of people who is producing, packaging and shipping, a product, perhaps not better than yours, but which will surely increase competition in your market.

Everything is increasingly accelerating; working in a group today is extremely important if we want to make quick, correct and shared decisions.

Journalists are not Managers

Often those in charge of a departments do not have a very clear idea on the distinction between communicating with regard to the problems and being active towards them.

Some behave as if their work consists in communicating the problems but not being active in solving them.

Fear of team work

Some managers still do not know how to work in a group and they react with fear in having to do so, doing everything by themselves, in a corner, without telling anyone anything or just to a trusted few.

The solutions they bring, often, are incomplete and do not take into consideration key factors; this way of doing things slows down the evolution of the company.

They are looking at the tree but not at the forest, they are still unable to do the opposite.

Ineffective team work

Several managers want to work in a group but do not know how to manage one.

They do not know how to impose (when necessary) the rhythm and schedule that a specific project or action requires.

They have a hard time telling others what must be done.

The fear of making decisions and taking responsibility

Making a decision is a necessity, it is an important act in the job of a manager, decisions which are made too quickly or too slowly can create disasters.

You know that it is impossible to see the entire forest if just looking at one tree and it is impossible to see only one tree if looking at the entire forest.

Some of your people, probably, do not have the needed flexibility to easily change from one type of vision to the other.

They are too involved in the particularity of the work they are doing, they remain enclosed inside their little box for a long time, without coming out to see what is really taking place in the department for which they are responsible.

Coaching is the main instrument for facilitating change in your leaders.

Through this instrument it is possible to have a person reflect on their own performance, have them become aware of the necessary improvement points and assist them in the change efforts, until its actual fulfillment.

All great managers and professional athletes use a personal coach because:

They want to understand the reasons for a performance

Often subordinates or colleagues do not tell their boss what they are really thinking, the way of doing things or the actions taken.

They do not wish to hurt or perhaps they do not wish to be hurt by the reaction.

This leads to supervisors being, potentially, on their own.

Only a coach can make a supervisor perceive the image he projects towards the colleagues or the subordinates and the influence this has on the company.

They wish to maintain the motivation towards their objectives high.

If your leaders have wide autonomy or a strong decision-making power they will at times find it difficult to be self-motivated to going further beyond their limits and achieving as such even more important results.

The coach is the one to incite them, monitor them and motivates them in achieving their objectives.

They want to know what type of change needs to be put into effect in order to improve .

Achieve new goals implicate the ability to change and further improve.

But what should be changed or become better in order to improve?

The Coaching+ program IS NOT AND DOESN’T HAVE:

The coach acts like a mirror; he reflects your image in a neutral way and makes understanding of what must change or be improved easier in order to move to the next level, therefore, helping to elaborate and to put into effect the actions which lead to change.

The challenges of business today

Managing people and not machines

Many of those in charge today who hold operative roles, are at the basis, good technicians or profound experts of the business processes.

This nowadays is not enough, the complexity of the work increases and much of the work of their subordinates is today purely intellectual.

It is no longer a question of leading (in military style) machines with workers combined, but drawing the best of people who use sophisticated instruments.

The Coaching+ program is unique because:

  • It guarantees results

After 6 months of coaching, if the preset objectives have not been met, PSBC will completely refund the amount paid.

  • It is created to increase the performance of your leaders

The context in which your leaders operate requires a personalized combination of values/ideas and skills to be acquired that is specific to their role and to the type of company they are in.

  • Includes a system to measure the level of change

How to objectively evaluate if the change has taken place? Our system of measurement will make it possible for you to identify clearly the starting level of behavior which required change and the current level achieved.

This system of measurement is the basis for evaluating contractually if the coaching program worked or not.

  • Includes a focus on knowing how to manage a group

Knowing how to interact with one’s colleagues or subordinates is a fundamental skill today.

A coach can give you feedback on your way of acting over others and help you discover what is lacking and what to do to become excellent in the managing of the work group.

  • It is focused on improving the abilities which are of interest to the company’s business

From the start, our coaching+ program is built on the needs and the objectives of your company.

  • It is tailor-made

This program is unique and specific for your company because it is built on the uniqueness of your company and of the people who work there.

  • Our coaches belong to the most followed school of business coaching in the world

Meta-coaching is the coaching style used by Kaizen Coach International Ltd; this style is the most followed in the world, it is present in over 40 countries and it is a guarantee for methodological uniformity even for your branches abroad.

When you use the Coaching+ program, what will occur is:

The circle of people around the leaders who use the program, will say that:

  • They are really changing.
  • They are becoming more attentive to their needs, are able to draw out their best, feel they are being listened to and know how to motivate them.

After 6 months, the changes planned together will be definitive and not temporary

This program uses methods which facilitate the changes at the individual’s deeper level, making sure that the change is acquired definitively.

You will be able to objectively measure the change with the profiling tool, Identity Compass. 

Identity Compass is the instrument that Kaizen Coach International Ltd uses to analyze and evaluate the personality of an individual to better adapt the job to the person and not vice versa.

The Identity Compass test is the first operative step of the Coaching+ program and it is necessary to take stock of the situation on the psychological and motivational characteristics of an individual; from this test then, together with the subject, the level of change desired is planned.

Two Identity Compass measurements carried out halfway and at the end of the Coaching+ program will certify the change which has taken place.

The Coaching+ program IS NOT or DOES NOT HAVE:

  • An exclusively theoretic approach
  • Does not use Freud, Jung, Lacan psychology
  • Does not consist in psychology or psychiatry sessions
  • Does not require investments in software
  • Does not require investments in new personnel.


PSBC cannot introduce this program in every company which asks for it. The guarantee provided on the results is so serious that to be accepted to the program certain specific prerequisites must be met.

With this goal, Kaizen Coach International Ltd has developed an interview system by telephone lasting a maximum of 30 minutes, through which we can discover with you if the base conditions to have access to the program are present.

What is the purpose of the conversation?

  • Finding out about your type of industry, product, market and the related characteristics of the company roles.
  • Finding out about the problems that the company runs into today in managing human resources.
  • Finding out about the objectives you would like to meet with the Coaching+ program.
  • Finding out about any current coaching activities taking place in your company.

The phone call is conducted personally by an expert Kaizen Coach.

Please keep in mind that this phone call is not a disguised attempt at selling, but represents the best opportunity that KCI can give to the solution to your questions in 30 minutes of conversation. The phone call is COMPLETELY FREE.

Please note:

There is a wait of approximately 10 business days for the phone appointment.