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We Help Operations Managers to Conceive and Actualize Their Industrial Visions Based on the Lean Manufacturing Culture

We Help Operations Managers to Conceive and Actualize Their Industrial Visions Based on the Lean Manufacturing Culture

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Productivity +30

In just 30 days, we'll empower your employees to boost their productivity by up to 30% - without any additional investment in labor or equipment.

If your production lines exhibit any of these symptoms:

  • Operators: They do not all adhere to the same standards, maintain the right pace, or achieve the necessary productivity.
  • Managers: They are frequently caught up in emergencies that necessitate urgent corrective actions.
  • Supervisors claim that fulfilling production orders requires additional human resources.
  • Your current Lean consultants devote more time to classroom instruction and PowerPoint presentations rather than hands-on training on the factory floor.
  • Maintenance: Instead of supporting operators and their colleagues, they criticize them.

You, like most of your colleagues, are constantly occupied in daily operational meetings with logistics, customers, accounting, suppliers, etc. As a result, you are aware that you're not making timely decisions about the training your team requires.

You realize that you do not have the time to analyze the situation well, so cross your fingers and propose to deal with the problem as soon as possible.

If this is your situation or resembles it, we can tell you that perhaps there is a solution for you.

I think you've already heard about the Lean Production methodology. You may know that this methodology is the basis of the success of companies such as: Toyota, Porsche, Denso Corporation, Henkel, Mondelez, Danone, Mars, Kraft Foods, Unilever, Valeo, Great Western Bank, and many others.

Below is an example of the practical application of the methodology

The type of product is a secondary factor with respect to the application of Lean Production

It is possible that you think that it is impossible for your company to achieve certain levels of change and performance; that these methodologies are not suitable for your situation.

You may also be thinking that to achieve the necessary productivity improvements you need:

  1. Spend a huge amount of time and money on theoretical and practical training of staff.
  2. Hire a group of consultants, even if you don't have a good opinion as consultants.

To answer all these questions and demonstrate with the results, that Lean Manufacturing methodologies can actually bring the promised results, we have developed an intervention program in 30 days.

We called this program:

Performance +30®

This program has an exclusive peculiarity that you will not find in any other Lean Manufacturing program.

After 10 years of studies and collaborations with some of the most well-known international experts in the field of "change management" and after having experimented with our customers the most advanced techniques of persuasive communication and coaching, we have developed a training module to teach Lean Production Coaching to your collaborators.

What will you be able to do after training in this module?

  • Get in tune with any type of personality and reset all its rsistenze to change. When you want to bring about a change in the company there is the risk of clashing with people, who due to beliefs different from yours, try (even involuntarily) to oppose the change.
  • Identify limiting beliefs in employees and build empowering beliefs. This allows you to know what to say and what to do to motivate and better manage individual people in order to achieve the objectives of the project.
  • Know how to manage the process of change in its 4 phases. At any time of a project, you will know if it is necessary: motivate, push to decide to change, build solutions or if it is time to gratify for the results achieved.
  • Build a work group and get maximum performance from it. In the dynamics of the formation and management of working groups there are 4 phases whose knowledge is essential to create harmony in group work.
  • Use precise questions to gather quality information. A well-defined problem is a problem already 50% solved; you will learn to collect through a particular methodology for asking questions, the information you will need to define each problem well.
  • Develop Clear Goals. Each person has his own way of seeing things, but to form goals that can be understandable to everyone you have to respect 7 rules.
  • Create a Vision in which everyone wants to participate. If you want an important project of business change to be successful, it is necessary to build a clear vision of the goal and the steps to be taken.

The lack of this training module is the main cause of the failure of a Lean Production implementation project.

What are the tangible benefits of the Performance +30 program?

  • Up to 30% increase in productivity on your own production line, chosen by you and us, together
  • The improvement of the level of quality in relation to the historical problems created by the line.
  • A production line that remains clean effortlessly. (You can receive your customers at any time without fear of making a bad impression)
  • Your employees will begin to learn Lean methodologies and become autonomous in their application.
  • Your collaborators will become able to coach lean projects and will be able to manage change processes.
  • You can develop new products with significantly lower production costs than in the past.
  • Up to 40% reduction in warehouses.

Your Guarantees!

  • Your success is important, so if at the end of the program you have not achieved the agreed results, we will refund you what you have invested.
  • If during the program, the conditions of success deteriorate, you and we may, at any time, interrupt it; in this case only the days will be invoiced.

How much does this program cost?

  • The investment required by this program corresponds to approximately 50% of the cost reduction achieved in the first year of operation of the line, with the new level of productivity agreed and achieved.
  • All benefits beyond the first year will be pure 100% profit.

Attention: this program is of the Type of Boot Camp then provides a lot of practice on the ground, for this reason, it may not be suitable for some companies that request it.


There are some specific prerequisites to be admitted and for this, we need to check if your company is ready.

For this purpose, we have developed a test of 10 questions; once you have performed the test you can immediately receive your free special report; based on the report, we can decide together whether to start the program.

To start the diagnostic test and find out if your company is ready for the Performance +30 program, Click on the button below.

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