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We Help Operations Managers to Conceive and Actualize Their Industrial Visions Based on the Lean Manufacturing Culture

We Help Operations Managers to Conceive and Actualize Their Industrial Visions Based on the Lean Manufacturing Culture

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On a topic or problem of which you feel the need to receive a qualified opinion and external to your environment.

A manager can find himself alone in front of his responsibilities and the choices to be made.

He knows that his employees advise him according to their personal points of view and he also knows that these tips do not always and really respond to the company's changing needs. but they are aimed at influencing it to keep things in the current state as long as possible.

At this point the manager who must and wants to change is faced with the responsibilities of bringing the improvements and results necessary for the well-being of the company.

Sometimes the problems that the manager has to solve, he himself, has never experienced them before and this complicates things further for them .

On the one hand he cannot say that he does not know how to solve the problem (otherwise his collaborators and his superiors would lose confidence in him) on the other hand he does not really know what choices make.

In this situation,a neutral but competent external support from which to draw the necessary information becomes vital.

For this reason, Kaizen Coach International provides 30 minutes of free consultation in order to give the necessary support to smart managers who request it.

5 Very good reasons to request the support of one of our consultants:

  1. Try to figure out how to break the established thought patterns that the company has
  2. Dissolving a doubt that employees can't help with
  3. Get advice from experts who have already seen and solved the same type of problem
  4. Acquire new knowledge about a topic
  5. Save time and avoid mistakes in choosing the solution to your problem

Would it be smart to take advantage of this offer?

Einstein said that you cannot solve a problem using the same ideas that generated it ; This 30-minute offer of free consultation allows you to access new ideas from outside the circle of relationships that produced the problem.

In some cases, a manager for personal reasons or convenience... feels the need for an external and competent opinion but that comes from outside its circle of collaborators.

Some of them have for example asked us:

  • I have 2 assembly lines that do not have the same productivity,how do I improve the one with the lowest productivity?
  • How do I train the seasonal staff at a good level and as soon as possible from the beginning of the season?
  • My department heads do not have an industrial culture and do not have much desire to change, what can I do?
  • There is no discipline on the lines, what can I do?
  • On the assembly lines, the materials are always missing and the purchasing department does not listen to me, what can I present to him to make him understand how to solve the problem?
  • I do not know if I should prepare a production line to produce several products together or make 2 production lines.  

Why does Kaizen Coach International offer 30 minutes of free consultation? What's underneath? Where is the rip-off?

Kaizen Coach International Ltd earns us in:

  • Make yourself known to a new manager
  • Getting to know a new company in the mechanical sector
  • Further knowledge of the needs and problems of the mechanical industry

The 30-minute support offer is real and our consultants will give their best so that the advice is of maximum use to you; it will be up to you and only to you to ask about any additional paid support methods; we will not ask for anything.


  • This consultation does not hide any attempt to sell.
  • No attempt to sell will be made
  • We will not use your data for commercial purposes
  • All your information will remain confidential

This type of consultation is carried out via the internet and through the Zoom application.


To reserve your consultation fill out the form below, you will receive by email a response of acceptance and confirmation of the consultation session.

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