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We Help Operations Managers to Conceive and Actualize Their Industrial Visions Based on the Lean Manufacturing Culture

We Help Operations Managers to Conceive and Actualize Their Industrial Visions Based on the Lean Manufacturing Culture

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The LEAN UNIVERSITY® certifications are a unique opportunity to be trained in all of the LEAN techniques associating practical exercises in the Gemba of the factories of our clients during the training sessions and comparing one’s theoretical knowledge through written tests, MCQ evaluations and interviews with our consultants.  

The advantages of training and of the certifications:


  • hope to evolve professionally or take on a new function and you need to master quickly the real issues and techniques,
  • practice Lean and want to validate your knowledge and know-how,
  • desire simply to extend your area of expertise.

The certifications at a glance:

We propose, to validate your professional abilities:

The expertise certifications: an optional day, or integrated during a path:

3 course levels, called BELTs  :

leen-yellow-beltLEAN YELLOW BELT: 77 hours of training "The foundations of Lean" + 5S and Visual Management + Structured methods of Problem Solving + The Bases of JIT + Lean Yellow Belt written tests.

First step in a recognized certification over three steps, this Lean Yellow Belt path will provide you with the necessary bases to start implementing Lean autonomously.
To validate this step, you will have to complete various Lean Yellow Belt written tests over the course of a day.

leen-green-beltLEAN GREEN BELT: 189 hours of Lean Yellow Belt training + Value Stream Mapping + TPM® Basics + TRS/Kobetsu® + Lean SMED + Lean Coach + Lean Office + Lean Green Belt written tests + Validation of 1 project

Recognized among its equals, this Lean University® certification will give you access to the first levels of Lean knowledge.

You will be asked to define and to realize an individual project contextualized by a senior consultant of Axium Performance® who will come out to you. This day of validation will serve to evaluate your mastering of the key instruments of Lean and to see if the objectives in terms of processes and results associated to your project have been achieved. 

leen-black-beltLEAN BLACK BELT: 287 hours of Lean Green Belt training + TPM® Advanced + "Just in Time" in the supply chain + The Proximity Manager + Lean Manager + Lean Black Belt written tests + Validation of 2 projects

An individualized program which will turn you into experts regardless of your company or position.
After having completed a program which takes on all the critical notions of Lean, your certification will be granted following an initial day of exams (theoretical questionnaire and practical exercises), then a second day of discussing your three projects before a commission of two senior Axium Performance® consultants. You will explain to them, on your own field, the achievement of the objectives in terms of process and results associated with these three projects.