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We Help Operations Managers to Conceive and Actualize Their Industrial Visions Based on the Lean Manufacturing Culture

We Help Operations Managers to Conceive and Actualize Their Industrial Visions Based on the Lean Manufacturing Culture

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Proximity Managers are Managers who works showing effective, collaborative and output oriented leadership skills in a close proximity with their associates and colleagues.

Proximity Management works at all hierarchy levels for example factory’s general manager can work with their Senior managers as proximity manager, Senior managers can work with their Hod’s (Head of departments) as proximity managers. Hod’s can work as a proximity manager with their staff and employees. In organization context ‘Proximity ‘can be interpreted as a physical size or space of work space or personal space can be associated with work area, process or a function or department at different hierarchy levels. Organization should nurture the idea of Proximity Management or more proximity manager to increase insight of their people towards organizations vision.

Proximity Managers should not be giving orders but they can develop strategies and solutions for their goals. Proximity managers creates a healthy atmosphere to grow people’s commitment and results output.

“Improving Communication is key to Improve Proximity”

Some good aspects need of a proximity manger:

  • Proximity Managers should create a goal-oriented proximity for their associates to improve their insights towards the same.
  • Welcomes all ideas receiving from associates and colleagues without judgment.
  • They should coordinate and support their associates.
  • Have clear understanding of their associates’ subordinates’ skills and skills needs.
  • Proximity Managers should work on increasing the communication flow inside proximity.
  • Provide good environment for continuous improvement.
  • Frequent Approach and communication with associates and colleagues.
  • Support and participate in their concerns and needs.
  • Spend most time towards and near proximity
  • Building Trust to improve communication

Proximity managers can reduce the physical distance between themselves and their associates and can also exert considerable influence towards the organizational goals. Knowledge sharing among Associates, Subordinates and colleagues is key to building trust, dialog and commitment for Them.

Based on Area of Work:


In a Field job like working on site, remote working etc. where day to day interaction is not possible managers can learn Proximity managers skills to improve their capability to create close proximity with their associates and colleagues while achieving their goals.


In case of corporate office, factory, building etc. where everyone comes under same premises on a frequent bases Managers can enhance their interpersonal skills, efficiency and influence by learning Proximity manager to.

3-day training on the field with a factory visit which will allow you to identify the qualities and the missions of a proximity manager or of Middle management.

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