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We Help Operations Managers to Conceive and Actualize Their Industrial Visions Based on the Lean Manufacturing Culture

We Help Operations Managers to Conceive and Actualize Their Industrial Visions Based on the Lean Manufacturing Culture

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TWI, or Training Within Industry term can also described as “Teaching the trainer” a well-designed program that teaches to adopt leadership behavior at all levels of organizational hierarchy.

Training Within Industry concept developed during WWII, in the United States training programs to improve proximity Manager skills, because of the blatant lack of qualified workforce, to speed up the process to train new workforce hence created concentrated set of programs TWI combining training with job.

Training Within Industry or TWI formalized training manuals which were prepared starting with the fall of France during WWII, on June 22, 1940. TWI invented a new approach to training (based on the works by Allen) and to the use of the workforce in the industry. These manuals would then be reprised and enhanced by TOYOTA during the 60s.

TWI or Training Within Industry program based on Allen's 4-point method are:

  • Job Instruction (JI): This method is used to train inexperienced workers to perform necessary job skills by break down jobs into closely defined steps, show the procedures with an emphasis on performing job correctly and safely, ramping up to productivity on the new skill(s) as quickly as possible, and reducing waste and defects. In this method a close supervision is required at initial levels.
  • Job Methods (JM): Training workers to objectively evaluate the efficiency of their jobs and how to improve the way of their own jobs, with an emphasis on increasing more quality products in less time using available manpower, materials, and machines. After checking the new method based on effective quality, cost, safety, and quantity the method needs to be standardized.
  • Job Relations (JR): Training supervisors to solve personal problems with other coworkers in an analytical way, with an emphasis on treating people as individuals and understanding people on all levels.
  • Program Development (PD): Method to solve production problems in line with the organization, with an emphasis on training functions, while technical means applied to other issues.

In short Training Within Industry (TWI) can answer the following question any staff or supervisor commonly faces as a challenge:

“How can I train other while doing my job?” or “What if something goes wrong on job while I am in training?” 

TWI represents the roots and foundations of Lean Manufacturing, and it is a keystone for continuous improvement.


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