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We Help Operations Managers to Conceive and Actualize Their Industrial Visions Based on the Lean Manufacturing Culture

We Help Operations Managers to Conceive and Actualize Their Industrial Visions Based on the Lean Manufacturing Culture

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QX Matrix or Quality X Matrix a tool which focuses on the machine, process parameters and settings against defects under TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) 

QX Matrix takes inputs from QA matrix works as a input for QM Matrix. A connecting bridge between QA and QM Matrix.

There Are four Key Components of QX matrix divided in Four quadrants Making X in middle so called QX Matrix or Quality X Matrix. After QA Matrix machine will be further elaborated in the QX matrix which contains points with details on the Machine Components, Machine Parameters/Settings, Process Parameters and Defects Modes of the process and machine operation. The Four Key factors details are as follows

  • Machine Parameters/Settings: Parameters of machines to get the toughness and reliability of the machine.
  • Machine Components: Describe the machine components in details physical spare-parts, sub-assemblies, shafts, drivers, motors, etc.
  • Process Characteristics: Details of Process parameters required to perform operations. Process parameters can be found specified, in a work/ setting instruction.
  • Defect Modes: Specify the defect can be generated in relation with machine and process parameters and settings.

QX Matrix Method:

  • Cross functional team: Team will be same as created in QA Matrix
  • Prepare QA Matrix
  • Use the details of QA matrix to distribute it in QX Matrix format into Four Key Points of QX Matrix. The matrix begins by starting with the defect mode from the QA matrix
  • Review Machine Defects influenced by Machine Parameters/Settings.
  • Review Machine Parameters/Settings influenced by its components.
  • Team can review the machine and its components directly influencing process characteristic.
  • Review Machine Defects influenced by Process Characteristics.
  • More than one Characteristics can that affects the each other’s.

The measurement system is based on the process properties and outputs that are expected to be produced as per customer specifications. This will ensure and can be a guarantee of good product quality.

QX Matrix Advantages:

  • It clearly shows the relations between output quality with inputs provided from machine during operation.
  • Easy to identify most influenced characteristic to take as priorities.
  • Increase knowledge of team about process controls.

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