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We Help Operations Managers to Conceive and Actualize Their Industrial Visions Based on the Lean Manufacturing Culture

We Help Operations Managers to Conceive and Actualize Their Industrial Visions Based on the Lean Manufacturing Culture

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Increase the ergonomics and the productivity of your workplace


  • Identify the productivity improvement incentives and the non-quality reduction incentives
  • Implant or reimplant to optimize areas
  • Identify the incentives to reduce flow rates
  • Conform to the productivity and Ergonomics constraints
  • Utilize all the steps of the method strictly


Factory Managers, Industrialization Engineers, Directors and Production Technicians, Methods, Quality, Logistics, Lean Manager

Date & Duration

Date: Request information
Duration: 4 days (2 sessions, 2 days each)

Locations & Fees

Investment: €1980 excluding VAT

Information request

Training Information Request

Detailed training program

Day 1:

  • Historical review
  • The Toyota Model: the bases of the JIT (Just In Time) production system
  • Analysis and process skills
  • Takt Time - Basic data
  • The importance of measurements
  • Balance the positions

Day 2:

  • Case studies
  • The importance of data collection
  • Execution of the analysis steps
  • Objectives and earnings: quantifications
  • Implementation of JIT

Day 3:

  • Analysis and evaluation of the simulations
  • The Quality Principles in JIT
  • MUDA and Ergonomics in JIT
  • Standard work
  • The Jidoka
  • The management of a JIT project: The PDCA
  • Factory visit

Day 4:

  • Methodological summary work
  • The rules of animation: the traps to avoid
  • Axium Performance® return on experiences: implementation examples
  • Individual projects and exchanges
  • Assimilation Quiz
  • Issuance of certificates
  • Session closure


Reviews by some of our participants

Julie D, Permanent Process Engineer, Européenne d’embouteillage.
« I learned about area functioning for the automated process »

Joël T, Production Director at Merck.
« After having passed directly to activity, this training made it possible for me to have theory and bases. I valued the activity in the field during the visit to a factory and the return to class for analysis ».

Pascal D, Project Leader at NMC, Belgium.
« Super interesting exercise ».

Séverine S, Quality Manager, Praxair.
« This training helped me gain the knowledge of standard time and cyclical calculations, learning about the revelation of the mudas ».

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