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We Help Operations Managers to Conceive and Actualize Their Industrial Visions Based on the Lean Manufacturing Culture

Increase the ergonomics and the productivity of your workplace



  • Identify the productivity improvement incentives and the non-quality reduction incentives
  • Implant or reimplant to optimize areas
  • Identify the incentives to reduce flow rates
  • Conform to the productivity and Ergonomics constraints
  • Utilize all the steps of the method strictly


Factory Managers, Industrialization Engineers, Directors and Production Technicians, Methods, Quality, Logistics, Lean Manager

Date & Duration

Date :

Duratation :

4 days (2 sessions, 2 days each)

Locations & Fees



Fee :

€1980 excluding VAT (Breaks, lunches and informational documentation included)



Detailed training program

Day 1

  • Historical review
  • The Toyota Model: the bases of the JIT (Just In Time) production system
  • Analysis and process skills
  • Takt Time - Basic data
  • The importance of measurements
  • Balance the positions

Day 2

  • Case studies
  • The importance of data collection
  • Execution of the analysis steps
  • Objectives and earnings: quantifications
  • Implementation of JIT

Day 3

  • Analysis and evaluation of the simulations
  • The Quality Principles in JIT
  • MUDA and Ergonomics in JIT
  • Standard work
  • The Jidoka
  • The management of a JIT project: The PDCA
  • Factory visit

Day 4

  • Methodological summary work
  • The rules of animation: the traps to avoid
  • Axium Performance® return on experiences: implementation examples
  • Individual projects and exchanges
  • Assimilation Quiz
  • Issuance of certificates
  • Session closure



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Sessions held in foreign language only in intra.

Reviews by some of our participants

Julie D, Permanent Process Engineer, Européenne d’embouteillage.
« I learned about area functioning for the automated process »

Joël T, Production Director at Merck.
« After having passed directly to activity, this training made it possible for me to have theory and bases. I valued the activity in the field during the visit to a factory and the return to class for analysis ».

Pascal D, Project Leader at NMC, Belgium.
« Super interesting exercise ».

Séverine S, Quality Manager, Praxair.
« This training helped me gain the knowledge of standard time and cyclical calculations, learning about the revelation of the mudas ».